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Darryl Dawkins

Darryl Dawkins aka "Chocolate Thunder" (a nickname given to him by Stevie Wonder), was selected 5th overall in the 1975 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers. Daryrl claimed to be an alien from the planet "Lovetron" and had other nicknames such as "Sir Slam" and "Dr. Dunkenstein". He was a 6'11" Center who played 7 (1975-82) of his 13 NBA seasons with the 76ers. He was known for his powerful dunks, which led to the NBA adopting a breakaway rim due to Darryl shattering 2 backboards in the 1979 season (including one at the Spectrum). Darryl passed away on August 27, 2015 at the age of 58.

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