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The Spectrum was an indoor arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which was opened in the fall of 1967 to accommodate the Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Sixers. Over it's 42 years of existence it became so much more than just the home of the Flyers & Sixers. It was the home of 2 NBA All-Star Games (1970, 1976), 2 NHL All-Star Games (1976, 1992), 2 NCAA Men's Final Four (1976, 1981), WWF SummerSlam (1990) and King of the Ring (1995), Boxing Fights (First was Frazier v. Doyle 10/17/67 - First Sports Event at the Spectrum), Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse, Philadelphia Freedoms Tennis, Harlem Globetrotters, Ice Capades and so much more. 

The Spectrum received the nickname, "The House That Rock Built" as it became a venue that every band wanted to and did play. Every legendary band between 1967 and 2009 played the Spectrum (for a full listing of Spectrum concerts click Concert History). The Grateful Dead played the Spectrum 53 times, by far the most of any musical act.

In 2009 after 4 incredible Pearl Jam concerts, the Spectrum closed its doors for good.


Prior to demolition an auction was held so fans can get their piece of Spectrum history. In the auction Andrew Kay, who spent his whole life attending events at the Spectrum, purchased the 'S' that spelled SPECTRUM on the side of the arena. Since purchasing the 'S', Andrew has made it his mission to keep the memories of the Spectrum alive by getting the 'S' signed by those who made Spectrum the special place it was for all who entered.

"Just because the Spectrum no longer exists does not mean the memories should not live on. As the Spectrum was Ed Snider's baby, I had him sign in the middle and everyone around him so the 'S' tells the Spectrum story. When someone looks at the 'S', I want it to bring them back to a special memory in their life. Whether it was their first sporting event with a family member or first concert with a friend, there is a signature on the 'S' that will bring them back to a special time." - Andrew Kay

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